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Gary Scheer Provides Tips on Finding a Financial Advisor

As an industry-leading financial advisor, Gary Scheer knows the incredible amount of trust that individuals put into the financial advisor they hire. Gary Scheer believes every financial advisor owes their clients transparency into the methodologies being used to guide their financial trajectory. As a financial advisor, Gary Scheer does everything in his power to help his clients grow their money and develop personalized plans designed to help every client reach their unique set of goals. If you are searching for a great financial advisor, Gary Scheer has some tips that could help you find the right one for the job.

The first step to identifying the type of financial advisor that is best suited for an investor is for them to take stock of their specific needs. For instance, a lot of younger people will turn to “robo-advisors” because they are a streamlined, low-cost choice. This can work when the person has minimal risk and just wants to set aside some funds and start preparing for retirement. For those with more intricate financial situations, it’s important to find an experienced financial advisor who can handle subjects like insurance, estate planning, risk management and more.

The financial advisor industry is certainly an industry that falls under the category of you get what you pay for. While no financial advisor can make guarantees, the best financial advisors can look to a track record of positive returns for their clients. Successful financial advisors will charge more for their services than a “robo-advisor” that often charges an annual fee that equates to a percentage of the account balance being utilized with the service. Human financial advisors will usually charge a fee based on the size of the account. For others, there’s a retainer cost or an hourly rate. Every investor should consider what they are willing to spend before utilizing a financial advisor. A lot of people choose to take advantage of an annual fee as they can see at the end of the year if it looks like their investment is paying dividends in the long run.

Once an investor knows what they are willing to spend, they should know what they are spending their money on. The qualifications of a financial advisor matters. A financial advisor should treat the money they manage as if it were their own. Only a financial advisor like Gary Scheer who is dedicated to eliminating risk and maximizing ROI should be trusted with an individual’s hard-earned money.

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